Nowadays, pre-inked stamps or custom rubber stamps in Melbourne are available at an affordable rate. Both these stamps differ based on their features. However, sometimes people get confused about the right selection between these two. Are you one of them? This post will clear all your doubts; keep reading.

The difference between a pre-inked stamp and a rubber stamp

The pre-inked stamps used to have a built-in reservoir that required ink to give a great impression on the document. A flash machine sears the negative designed space onto a rubber plate during production. It allows you to fill in one colour. Usually, the ink flows through to the designed printable areas when you depress the stamp.

You can expect a crisp and accurate impression as this type of stamp can capture each small detail. A broad range of sizes is available among the stamp providers, starting from 14mm stamps to extra large sizes of stamps. You can refill these stamps with ink if it gets dry. These kinds of stamps are easy, inexpensive, and look attractive.

On the other hand, custom rubber stamps in Melbourne use laser-engraving your design. These stamps allow you to give personalised touch as per your needs. These rubber stamps are available in the online market in a broad range of sizes, from 30 mm to extra-large. It requires a separate ink pad for its effective use.

When to choose a pre-inked stamp?

  • If you require a precise and crisp impression on your document every time, then a pre-inked stamp can be the right choice. It can give you an accurate and consistent result and is also considered best for small text design.
  • You can expect no mess and a cleaner process with pre-inked stamps as it keeps the ink inside the unit.
  • You cannot change the colour, as pre-ink stamps can be refilled with the same ink. If you think of changing a different stamp colour, you need to shift completely to a second stamp.
  • Pre-inked stamps are not the right option if you are looking for stamping on curved surfaces or rough materials. You will get an uneven print on rough surfaces. It only works on smooth, porous, or flat surfaces.
  • You do not require to ink every time for each impression. It is considered to be quicker thanrubber custom stamps in Melbourne.
  • If you plan to use stamping on several documents, then a pre-inked stamp can be an easier and more ergonomic option.

When to choose a rubber stamp?

  • This type of custom stamp in Melbournecan be used on different surfaces. It has a raised profile, which makes it easy to use on any surface, including wood, fabric, curved surfaces, corrugated cardboard, etc. It gives you more control over the print impression as you can apply the pressure in various movements or directions that cannot be seen in the pre-inked stamps.

  • Custom stamps in Melbourne allow you to use various colours to print the same design. Moreover, you can use the same stamp with speciality inks or different ink colours to get various results, which is the biggest advantage of having rubber stamps. You get more colour options with embossing powder, making the rubber stamp a more versatile tool than the pre-inked stamps.
  • Many people consider that the black handle and the traditional rubber stamp wooden bas look more attractive than a pre-ink stamp. However, it is subjective based on your interest.
  • You can also imprint on the polymer clay without clay, which is not available in pre-inked stamps.

After analysing the merits and demerits of pre-inked and rubber stamps, you can think of the right one for you. When you decide on one, make sure your service provider has the availability of the same stamp at their online store.